The Best Marriage Options You Can Have At The Church

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You have decided to get married in the Church, congratulations! To prepare for this, a day is offered to the presbytery of the church for all couples who are going to get married. The goal is to help you reflect on the meaning of Christian marriage: commitment, couple, and family. A team of volunteers accompanies you who are part of the association of marriage preparation centers.

Prepare For Religious Marriage

The engaged are invited to contact the parish community as soon as possible, preferably one year before the desired date for their wedding. They will meet regularly with a priest in order to prepare the celebration and share the meaning they want to give to their commitment.

In addition to the personalized preparation with your priest, you are invited to spend a day with other couples who have made the same choice as you. Whether you are close or less close to the Church, we welcome you as you are. You will have the opportunity to express yourself and share with other couples, to express your point of view on different subjects. The animators are married couples. They will accompany you in your reflection. A priest will also be present on this day.

Religious Marriage in Church

A Typical Day of Preparation For Marriage

  • Reception of the bride and groom
  • Constitution of groups and 1st sharing: life project
  • Mass at the Sacré-Coeur church
  • Return to the presbytery
  • 2nd sharing: religious marriage
  • Friendly time around a meal
  • Presentation of the meaning of marriage by the priest
  • 3rd sharing: communication
  • Sharing of moments experienced during the day

The wedding at the Church does not mean the same thing as the church wedding. Indeed if I have a capital E it is because we differentiate the Church which means the community and the church which means the building. So getting married in the church requires a commitment not only to one’s husband but also to the Church.

One of The Two Future Spouses Must Be of The Catholic Religion

So at least one of the two people must be baptized in the Catholic Church. If you are both baptized, don’t worry. If the other person is not baptized, then it is quite possible to marry the Catholic Church. However, the unbaptized spouse must accept and respect the essential elements of Christian marriage: freedom, fidelity, indissolubility, and fertility. During your preparation for marriage, the priest after having consulted you will make a written request for an exemption for “disparity of worship”.

If neither is Christian, it will not be possible to marry in the Church. However, the Church will open its doors to undertake a catechumenate process towards an adult baptism which will allow you to have the first sacrament of the Church.

Not To Have Been Married Before

You have never been married to the Church, so no worries but be careful by reading so below you will see that your future commitment to the Church must be reflected.

If you have already married in the Church and you have divorced, it will be impossible to remarry in the Church. This point is linked to that of commitment but also of consent. If marriage in the Church indicates that the future spouses must be consenting and that they should be united for life, The Church cannot, therefore, recognize divorce and remarry people with different people. Some people wishing to marry a divorced do not understand why the Church does not want to marry them: it is because the divorced one is already married before God with another by accepting all the conditions.